Summer Session Information



Dear Parents,


Our Summer Session will run from May 26 through July 29.


Students may select a four, six or eight-week session. Please check with your instructor to know which length session and the dates he/she will be teaching. Lesson times should be arranged with the instructor.  Remember that the office is closed periodically through the summer.  Lessons will be given at the same temporary location where they are currently being given by your instructor.


Complete the registration form and return it to the Prep Office with the appropriate tuition no later than May 30.  Make sure your check is made payable to MPAI. No lessons will be scheduled until complete tuition is received.


Thank you,



Kay Shin, Registrar


Mailing Address:


Maryland Performing Arts Institute

c/o Towson University Department of Music

8000 York Rd.

Towson, MD 21252


Detach bottom of page and return.



STUDENT’S NAME____________________________ PHONE_______________________


INSTRUCTOR:_______________________________ INSTRUMENT___________________


Total Tuition Cost

1/2 hour 45 min. 1 hour
4 weeks $137.50 $188.75 $241.25
6 weeks $207.50 $283.15 $361.85
8 weeks $275.00 $377.50 $482.50

Please mark the appropriate column for the length of session and lesson.