Dear All,
You are cordially invited to participate and/or attend Trinity Masterclasses and Mock Exams Information Sessions conducted by Trinity’s North American Coordinator, Lum Fun Lee at the Maryland Performing Arts Institute.

Dates:   Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3
Time:     Beginning from 2:30 pm
Where:  Room 2092, Music Department, Center for the Arts building at Towson University.

Master Class Fee:   $12.00 per instrument per piece (include voice).

Please contact to sign up to participate in the master class and/or the Mock Exam ASAP.

Each Mock Exam information session will be held in between each of the masterclasses.  Although the Mock Exam session is free, you will need to sign up if you would like to attend the Mock Exam session.
I cannot emphasize enough how beneficial and informative these sessions are to teachers as well as students.  I would like to encourage both teachers and students to attend these sessions.  If you are a first time teacher or if you and/or your students are not familiar with Trinity’s exams and how they work, the Mock Exam session is a great opportunity for you to see how the exam is conducted in the exam room, what’s required and what’s expected.

Again, please contact Kay Shin to sign up for the master class and/or the Mock Exam session.
Best Wishes,


Trinity College London
North American Coordinator
P.O.Box 9469
Baltimore, MD 21228

Tel/Fax     443-420-1054

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